Российско-итальянский форум 2010

With the support of:
Council of Ministers of Italy
Minister of Energy of Russian Federation
Federal Council of Russian Federation Russian Federation
Italian Senate
Forum for Italo-Russian civil society

7 - 8 OCTOBER 2010

The relations between Italy and the Russian Federation are excellent in all fields: political, economic and commercial. This year the bilateral trade between two countries, shocked by the biggest financial and economic crisis after World War II, has increased by 40% compared to the year 2009. The industrial cooperation between Italy and Russia is constantly increasing by large, small and medium companies. Economies of both countries are complementary and can offer opportunities for mutually beneficial business. In the coming years, the Russian Federation is planning massive investment into innovative projects in the field of energy conservation, renewable energy sources and measures against climate change. On these topics the Association “Conoscere Eurasia will hold a bilateral Italian-Russian Forum. 
The Ministers of Energy and Economic Development, the President of the Federation Council, regional governors and mayors, the presidents of the Union of Russian Entrepreneurs and Energy Agency of Russia, as well that many public and private companies operating in the energy sector will participate on the Russian side in the Forum. On the Italian side we expect presence of the Economic Development Minister of Agriculture, the Presidents of some regions, the President of Confindustria and Confapi and managers of other companies involved in production of alternative energy systems. There is no doubt that green economy will be one of the main strategic areas for industrial, economic and social development in the next few years.